Kinder Eggs have always been a favorite of mine. I used to smuggle them back from Canada by the caseload. Unfortunately, they’ve always been illegal in the US because the include something inedible inside of something edible… and apparently people are too dumb to be able to tell the difference. It doesn’t seem to be a problem around the world, where 3.5 billion Kinder Eggs are sold each year.

The Kinder Eggs will be coming to the US next year in the form of a new product called “Kinder Joy.” It stays within the law by being an egg in packaging only. Inside the package egg are two compartments, one holds the toy and the other holds milk-creme, cocoa flavoring, and wafer bites. Hopefully they don’t dumb down the toys like Cracker Jacks did when they started just giving out tattoos and stickers.

Part of me wants to say: “It’s about damn time”, but the rest of me is looking at the candy and thinking it looks like someone broke a health code regulation.

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