LEGO is already one of the most educational toys on the market, just by virtue of what it is. Now, the company is considering releasing a LEGO Physics set that will help kids get even more out of their experience.

Last month, they posted the LEGO Physics set on their Ideas page. So far it has 1268 supporters. It needs 10,000 before LEGO will consider it for production. It might not be as sexy as some of their pop culture based sets, but I think this could be one of the coolest LEGO sets in a long tim.

Go HERE to vote and make this LEGO idea a reality.

Hey, it’s LEGO Physics!

This set brings you a lot of playability in form of an action packed marble run and brick build dominoes. It’s a challenge every time you set it up. And it’s rewarding to watch the action happen. Two hundred dominos and a feature packed dynamic marble run.