Artist Matt Lassen is either a mad genius or a giant jerk face. Honestly, after looking at these illustrations, I’m really not sure. One the one hand, he’s managed some truly impressive, if not heart breaking transformations. On the other, I’ve never wanted to punch so many of my favorite cartoons in the face before.

Artist Matt Lassen imagined cartoon characters as hipsters. Then he drew them up. This is the result. Seems pretty accurate to me! And I should know — I live in Silverlake which has been dubbed the most hipster neighborhood in the US. Hipsters don’t even phase me anymore. Then again, I did recently drink cold brew coffee out of a Mason jar which is pretty much the equivalent of drinking the Kool-Aid. But in my defense it was free and I was drunk. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t do the same.


SOurce: Matt Lassen