This was confusing just to read about it. McDonald’s first opened in the USA in 1955, but it didn’t reach the shores of Japan until the country’s first McDonald’s opened in Ginza in 1971. For a reason that doesn’t seem to match up with any other than they needed something new to market, McDonald’s Japan is hosting a burger battle in their stores which will pit the 1971 Roasted Soy Sauce Japan Burger! And in the blue corner, representing America, the 1955 Smoky America Burger. It is important to mention that, while inspired by their country’s namesakes and eras, these sandwiches are new creations and really have nothing to do with anything.

In Japan’s corner, we’ve got the The Roasted Soy Sauce Japan Burger. It boasts a quarter pound beef patty, tomato, crispy lettuce, grilled smoky bacon, creamy cheddar cheese, and a special roasted soy sauce topping.

Meanwhile, over in the USA corner we’ve got The 1955 Smoky America Burger, which has a quarter pound beef patty, tomato, onion, crispy lettuce, and grilled smoky bacon topped with ketchup and a smoky tomato and mayo based 1955 sauce.

The funny/ frustrating thing about this is that either of those two sandwiches look 1,000 times better than anything McDonald’s currently offers in the USA.

SOurce: Rocketnews