Michael Ian Black is more than just one of the funniest comedian/actor/authors around. He is the face of Taco Bell. At least that’s the dream he’s living. It all started a couple days ago with a hilarious (but very NSFW) video called “Taco Party,” a dramatic reading from his latest book, “My Custom Van.”

You just can’t deny his love of tacos, and neither can his 1.6 million Twitter fans. His passion inflamed like a 99 cent Taco Bell Volcano Taco, Michael seems to have found his destiny… To be the face of Taco Bell.

This might just be biggest online campaign since Betty White’s SNL facebook campaign.

Celebrities are lining up to support him. Everyone from Levar Burton to Rainn Wilson. But Black isn’t content to just sit back and let fate take its course. He’s now gone one step further and enlisted the help of President Barak Obama as can be seen in the video below:

The best way to support Michael Ian Black is by tweeting about it with this hash tag: #mibfortacobell.

We’ll close this out with the words of Michael Ian Black himself:

“I am writing a comment myself to let you all know how much I would like to be the Taco Bell spokesman. That’s because I love Taco Bell but also because I love being cheap. When you combine the ideas of thrifty Mexican-style food with me, it seems like win/win. Taco Bell gets a highly effective spokesman, I get money and food, and President Obama gets another feather in his cap. Congratulations to us all for making this story the most important story in the world at the moment. “