In the last 36 hours, Joseph Gordon-levitt seems to have played half the baddies in the Batman universe. First, he was going to be The Riddler. Then, he was slated to be Alberto Falcone. Now, the rumor mill has him firmly set to play The Black Mask.

Here’s the source from Batmanonfilm.
“”I had heard JGL was definitely playing ONE of the following characters: Black Mask or Alberto Falcone. Honestly, I REALLY thought he was going to be Black Mask and I wasn’t too thrilled about it. I did figured [sic] one of these was a red herring and I’m glad the decoy was [Black Mask] and not Alberto.”

Interestingly, after the article came out on EW that proclaimed he won’t be Alberto Falcone, Batmanonfilm changed all references between Levitt and Black Mask to “XXXXX-XXXX”

Would Levitt be a good Black Mask? Hell ya. I’ve only got one little thing that gets in my way of believing that it will happen. Marketing. Comic Book Movies rely on bringing non comic book fans to the theaters to make their money. Before The Dark Knight Rises hits screens, Marvels ‘Captain America: the First Avenger’ will be going into theaters. The main baddy in Cap will be Red Skull. Visually, the two villains might just be a little too similar for the studios to be comfortable with it.

What do you think?

Source: batmanonfilm