With our southern offices just a few exits away from Disney World on the interstate, you know that we love visiting the house of mouse. We won’t be doing it until at least 2021, because there are just too many idiots who can’t figure out how to wear a mask, but it doesn’t change our love for the happiest place on earth. With that said, we wanted to share what we are 99% sure are unlicensed “Fantasy”pins that bring your favorite Disney characters into the darkest timeline that we currently find ourselves in.

If you aren’t familiar with Fantasy Pins, they are unofficial Disney Pins that are oftentimes more fun and more beautiful than the originals. While these pins aren’t going to end up hanging in any art galleries, we couldn’t stop smiling at the fact that Mickey Mouse, Stitch, and Winnie The Pooh can’t even figure out how to wear their face masks correctly.

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