I think Waze is a great app. A battery hog that I deleted a year ago because it was draining my phone faster than an electronic vampire, but a great app as far as usefulness. Now, I find myself re-downloading it because they’ve just launched a new Star Wars experience ahead of the upcoming release of Star Wars: the Force Awakens.

If you’ve never used Waze before, it’s a traffic and navigation app that uses it’s 50 million users to keep their community up to date on everything from traffic jams to speed traps, while providing really solid navigation.

The new experience allows users to replace their cars with Tie Fighters, First Order Troopers, Bb-8, R2D2, or Kylo Ren’s light saber against a Star Wars themed map backdrop all while C3P0 acts as your navigator.

Source: Makingstarwars