Usually, people complain that there aren’t enough tortilla chips in the bag. One chip company, Paqui, is defying that logic and give you only one. The good news is that one is probably more than enough. The bad news is that you’ll be feeling the burn all the way from the entrance to the exit.

The single pack tortilla chip, named Carolina Reaper Madness, more than enough because, as you can guess from it’s name, is seasoned with the essence of the hottest pepper in the world. To drive home the point of just how you can be expected to feel after that eating the chip, it comes packed in a cute little cardboard coffin.

As the name implies, the lone chip is made using the hottest pepper in the world, the Carolina Reaper. The chip comes packaged in its own triangle foil and a small coffin — which seems reassuring.

Paqui, the maker of the Reaper, is even trying to taunt would-be “spice-heads,” by offering the One Chip Challenge. Let us know if you try one.

If you really hate yourself, you can pick up the world’s spiciest chip HERE.

Source: Foodiggity