For the last couple of years, fans have been working on an international project to create a Simpsonized version of the classic Manga, Akira. Now, some of them has taken it a step forward and animated it.

The original Bartkira project has received international attention and even a popular 2 day art exhibit in Tokyo. Now, the project has evolved and they’ve just released the trailer to what might one day become a full fledged animated version of the story.

Starring in the film are of course Bart and Milhouse as Kaneda and Tetsuo. The rest of the cast looks like they will be involved as well with characters like Arnie Pye, the Crazy Cat Lady, Dr. Nick, Rainier, Nelson Munch, and a bloodied Ned Flanders appearing on screen.

Who knows if they’ll ever do anything more than what they’ve got here. All I know is that it’s pretty damned awesome.

Source: Rocketnews