Nicolas Cage, one of the world’s most famous comic book geeks reported his copy of Action Comics No. 1 stolen from his Los Angeles home back in 2000.

The book, which is valued at over a million dollars and features the very first appearance of Superman, just turned up in the last few days in a storage locker in California. The cops are now in possession of it and are searching for clues on who stole the uber rare comic in the first place.

The book has been sitting there for an undetermined amount of time and was only uncovered when the locker was liquidated in a storage lot auction.

Stephen Fishler, the man who sold Cage the book over fifteen years ago flew out to check its authenticity. Here’s what he had to say:

“It’s a long-awaited and a major rediscovery. I felt a great deal of satisfaction finding the copy that had been lost for over a decade in the same condition.”

At the moment, the fate of the book is undetermined because when the police were initially unable to retrieve it, Cage settled out with his insurance company.

Source: Nydaily news