The Ralph Lauren Photoshop drama continues into round two. For those not familiar with the story, a week ago a controversial image emerged online showing Ralph Lauren model Filippa Hamilton in a severely distorted Photoshopped ad (which made her hips smaller than her head) that sent the net into a viral frenzy of rage regarding our society’s standard of thinness.

This morning, the story has taken another ugly twist, when on the TODAY Show, the photoshopped model, Hamilton revealed that she had been fired from Ralph Lauren for being too fat.

According to the size-four Hamilton, she was let go from Ralph Lauren after eight years of service for, according to the brand’s statement, “an inability to meet the obligations of her contract.” Hamilton and her legal team however, claim she was let for because she couldn’t fit into the sample-sized clothing (which Hamilton denied on the show).

While it’s still too soon to award our 2009 Douche Bag Award, our nomination clearly goes to Mr. Ralph Lauren and his company for their ridiculous and impossible purist of thinness.

Please don’t sue us.