Mike Rowe is famous for a lot of things. He’s the host of ‘Dirty Jobs’, the voice of ‘The Deadliest Catch’ and he’s the pitchman for several major brands. Now he can add one more thing to his list of credits: defendant.

There’s a man in a prison in Dakota named Mike Rowe and he’s pissed about his name doppelganger. Apparently, having a name associated with shows like Dirty Jobs can lead to a bit of teasing in prison. IN fact, fellow inmates have taken to calling Rowe “Dirty Jobs”. We don’t want to know what comes along with a name like that behind bars. We can only assume that t involves a lot of time on your knees and having to hold on to someone’s pants pocket.

Anyways… Prisoner Rowe copyrighted the name earlier this year and now he’s claiming that Celebrity Rowe is using it without permission and in a way that is damaging to him.

As far as the copyright claim goes — Rowe (prisoner) claims he has a major problem with celebrity Rowe’s endorsements — saying, “Lee Jeans states Mike Rowe wears Lee Jeans or [is] for them. I do not wear nor have ever worn Lee Jeans and further, I am not for them.”

Rowe claims he’s not a fan of Viva Towels either.

Source: TMZ