My Great uncle was an artist who seemed to specialize in working with ball point pens. It’s an underrated medium that most people don’t even consider. Thankfully, artist Andrew Browne sees the promise of the pen and he’s created a very thought provoking new series of illustrations titled “Contemporary Buddhas.”

As to why he likes ball point pen? Here’s what he says on his site:
“I can achieve qualities similar to intaglio and lithography. The permanence of ink pushes me to perfect my work as well as embrace small imperfections. The work is meditative. Working by hand with a single tool is when I’m happiest.”

As to his inspiration for the new illustrations:
“Watching people around me, both in the US and here in Japan, so many seem to have something they idolize.” The result are beautiful and thought-provoking images that take more from Japan than the West, but are universal in their depictions.

Among the characters chosen to be represented in his Buddhas are the traditional Japanese salaryman, the schoolgirl, Stickers, and Darth Vader.


Source: ST