It’s one thing to make jokes about Pumpin spice being in everything during the fall, but it’s another thing to actually put pumpkin spice in everything! Just the other day, we already saw signs that the pumpkin spice donuts were out at Dunkin Donuts, despite the fact that it is still August! Now, it has just been announced that a true abomination is about to be let loose on the people, Pumpkin Spice Spam!

The disturbing new processed meat flavor won’t be available to the public until September 23rd, at which point you’ll be able to find it at both Wal-Mart and online at the Official Spam Shop.

According to a report from CNN, the fall-flavored meat lump goes great on waffles, can be baked into cornbread, or can be cut up into an autumn-themed hash. Yeah. We’ll get right on that.