Robert Pattinson, aka Edward Cullen from the Twilight Saga, has come up with a new approach to marketing the future of the film franchise. Recent reports are that he’s concerned at how much of a downer the story for New Moon is and he’s concerned at how fans will react.

“The book of New Moon, the majority of it is incredibly depressing. Obviously Twilight was about finding first love and the difficulties of that, but New Moon is really about loss and reconciliation, but the reconciliation isn’t completely full. It’s a strange story to have for a market that, I guess, wants to see a love story.”

I’m going to take a leap of faith here and guess that the millions of women who will be flocking to the next movie have already read the books and are quite prepared. Even better, the boyfriends who will be dragged tot he movie with them now know that they should be prepared for the proper amount of “comforting” after the fact.

Though he claims it’s the movie that is getting him down, rumor is the real reason might be that he hasn’t been able to find a willing coffin to dock his little vampire in. How could that be right? He’s got the accent that ladies die for and he’s the hearthrob in the biggest cinematic love story since Benny and Joon. Well, apparently for all the stuff he has going for him, he’s lacking in one department… Soap.

Cast and Crew on the set of New Moon have reported that Pattinson isn’t just playing the undead, he smells like one too. Apparently it is so bad that it is driving people on set crazy and becoming a bit of a distraction.

All that said, there’s apparently two celebs who have crushes on him if he gets desperate enough. The question is, who does he choose? Ryan Reynolds or Paris Hilton. Our vote here at Youbentmywookie is definitely for Reynolds, sure it would be a guy/ guy thing, but he wouldn’t have to worry where he’d been and if he plays his cards right, he might get a little bit of scarlet on the side.

Source: dailyfill