Recent pictures of Sammy Sosa at the Latin Grammys with wife, Sonya have hit the web, and you don’t have to be a baseball purest to know something doesn’t look quite right.

Haven’t been out of the spotlight since 2007, the retired and disgraced MLB slugger who has always had a dark complexion is suddenly looking surprisingly pale. This drastic change, akin to a similar transformation of the late Michael Jackson, has blogs and the rest of the web currently buzzing.

While no cause has been established at this time, Internet rumors and speculates all point to either one of four things: Vitilgo, fashion skin bleaching, cosmetic surgery, or the side effects of steroid use.

Sosa has yet to comment on his new lighter complexion.

Sammy Sosa who played for the Chicago Cubs from 1990-2004 captured the nation’s attention as a prolific home run hitter and earlier this decade, tested positive for steroids in 2003.

Source: Images from Getty