For the last several years, one of the most highly sought after San Diego Comic-Con exclusives has always been the highly limited edition posters from Mondo. The year, it looks like demand is going to be equally as high as they just revealed posters for IT, The Babadook, Batman, Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, and The World’s End.

The IT poster was created by Daniel Danger. The Babadook and Batman both come from Greg Ruth, The Pokemon: Detective Pikachu was created by Matt Taylor, and the The World’s End poster is the third in a three year/ three SDCC series based on Edgar Wright’s Cornetto trilogy, by Jock. Check them out below.

It by Daniel Danger – $60 Edition of 250
18 x 36″
– No Image Available

Worlds End by Jock – $60 Edition of 275
36 x 24″

Detective Pikachu Variant by Matt Taylor Variant – $75 Edition of 175
24 x 36″

Batman Variant by Greg Ruth – $75  Edition of 125
24 x 36″

The Babadook by Greg Ruth – $50  Edition of 300
24 x 36″