When you’ve got a star as big as Dave Bautista is right now, it seems strange to pull a new film of his from the release calendar just a couple of months before it’s slated to hit theaters. Yet, that’s exactly what STX has done with his upcoming film, ‘My Spy.’ The good news is that it sounds like it was a smart decision.

Bautista is about to hit big screens again in his new buddy movie, Stuber, with Kumail Nanjiani. In Stuber, Bautista plays a cop who must team up with an unassuming Uber driver to solve a crime. In just a few months after that, he was previously slated to hit theaters with My Spy, a buddy cop film where he plays a CIA agent who is forced to team up with a 9-year-old girl to protect her family and catch the bad guys.

It seems like STX films smartly looked at the similarities between the two films and decided that they were just too similar to release that close to each other. This way, fans will have had enough time that they can reflect back on Stuber fondly and want more, instead of seeing a trailer for a similar film and saying… I just saw that a month ago!

Stuber hits theaters in just a few days, while My Spy is now slated to drop sometime in the first quarter of 2020. Check out the trailers for both below.