Normally, I would jump right in here and say that people are too quick to file lawsuits nowadays, but this girl got seriously messed up and she is definitely do something. In case you don’t remember, we talked about this accident at the beginning of september When a serious stunt accident sent a wire slicing through the skull of Gabriella Cedillo.

Yesterday, her brother filed a lawsuit on her behalf. She couldn’t file it herself as she can’t speak and is paralyzed on the right half of her body. The day after the accident, Gabriella went through brain surgery.

Along with the paralysis, here’s what the lawyer had to say:

“It looks like she has vision loss in the left eye, which is sewn shut because there’s a paralysis associated with that and they don’t want her eye to dry out.”

The suit
claims that she “assumed no risk of injury in performing her duties as an extra on the Transformers 3 movie set.”

It also lists these as reasons behind the legal action:
-“Failed to properly weld the metal bracket to the stunt car”
– “Failed to provide adequate safety precautions”
– “Allowed untrained extras to drive their own vehicles within close proximity to a violent stunt.”

Source: Popeater