Shaquille O’Neal’s reality TV show “Shaq Vs” premiered this week and for those with a keen eye you may have noticed a familiar name listed as executive producer. That name being Steve Nash, former teammate of O’Neals from the Phoenix Suns.

As it turns out, Nash is only involved in “Shaq Vs” but originally came up with the concept for the reality series. The same concept that O’Neal has been allegedly claiming as his own.

According to TV Shark, Paola Boivin of the ‘Arizona Republic’ reports that shortly after O’Neal was traded to the Suns in February 2008, Nash told Shaq about a reality show he was pursuing, in which he would take on professional athletes in their own sport. The topic did not surface again until early the next season, when O’Neal told teammates he was working on a new reality show similar to Nash’s concept.

“You mean the idea you stole from me?,” a Suns representative says he heard Nash say. “Steve was pissed. He couldn’t believe Shaq’s lack of integrity.”

While both Nash and O’Neil are not confirming the story, they are not denying it either. Nash reportedly sought out an entertainment lawyer and the two have agreed to an executive-producer credit and the compensation that comes with it.

“We collaborated on parts of the show,” Nash tells the Republic. “I support him 100%. I thought the first episode was a fantastic episode, and I can’t wait for the next one.”

For his part, Shaq simply says the Suns point guard “has made great contributions as an executive producer on Shaq Vs. and we are all excited about the show.”

In future episodes, O’Neal is scheduled to compete against volleyball players Misty May and Kerri Walsh, swimmer Michael Phelps, boxer Oscar De La Hoya and tennis star Serena Williams.

Source: TV Shark