ThinkGeek has always made great products (they also sell great products like our Sriracha Chocolate bars!). Now, they’ve got a great new item that is sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who loves Star Trek and Sushi!

The Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set

Check out the details below:
Uhura has a secret. It’s nothing bad, but it’s just nothing she’s shared with her crewmembers. Uhura loves Argoan sushi. Now, the food synthesizers can make an almost acceptable version, but nothing beats the real thing. And when Uhura can get 100% real Argoan sushi, she has a whole ritual involving how to eat it. And she always, ALWAYS, uses the Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set she was given for her first anniversary onboard.

And now you can have a Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set of your very own. Set it on your table, and it looks like a mid-warp U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 on a wooden base. But the wooden base is actually a sushi plate. Remove the top of the saucer section, and you have a little dish for your soy sauce. And slide out the warp effect from the nacelles and you’ll have a pair of chopsticks. The Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Sushi Set is just the thing to elevate sushi… into the final frontier!

Product Specifications

A full set of sushi-ware shaped like the U.S.S. Enterprise from the original Star Trek TV series
Includes: Wood sushi plate, chopsticks, and soy sauce dish
Chopsticks look like a warp effect, but slide out of the nacelles for use
Top of saucer section removes to reveal soy sauce dish
Enterprise body rotates, for perfect sauce placement
Officially-licensed Star Trek sushi equipment
A ThinkGeek creation and exclusive!
Materials: Wooden base, BPA free chopsticks, stainless steel soy saucer section
Care Instructions: Surface clean only
Not dishwasher or microwave safe
Fully Assembled: approx. 14.9″ x 3.5″ x 4.5″
Chopsticks: approx. 0.4″ (thickest diameter) x 9.25″ long
Soy Sauce Dish: approx. 3.3″ diameter x 0.4″ deep (at its deepest point)