Chet Phillips has always been a pleasure to cover. We’ve been posting articles with his art since back in 2014 (This might just be my favorite: CLICK HERE).

It would seem however, that one of Chet’s favorite topics is cats and he’s just released a second series of them mashed up with movies like Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Doctor No, Firefly, Mad Max Fury Road, Harry Potter, and Star Wars: the Force Awakens. Of course, being feline inclined, the prints have all gotten more appropriate titles, like: Indiana Jonesy, Furfly, Doctor No!, Cat Wars The Force Awakens, Cathiss Everdeen, Imperator Furryosa, and The Cat Who Lived.

If you like them, then head over to Chet’s Etsy page and buy a print.

Source: Geekart