Of all the things that needed a tech overhaul, who would have guessed that coffee spoons were even on the list? Well, the spoon has been made better… and a lot less spoonier. It’s called the Modishspoon, and it promises to change the way of enjoying espresso by allowing you a chance to stir your coffee without destroying your “creamy head.”

While the Modishspoon is definitely an elegantly designed utensil, I can’t help but laugh at one of their biggest benefit claims – It is small and portable, as opposed to all those giant, massive spoons that are commonly used to stir one’s coffee. Here’s a look at the Modishspoon in action:

As silly as this spoon may sound, somebody clearly wants one. The Modishspoon has earned $6,354
of its $7,457 goal after only one day into the campaign.

Modishspoon is the Italian designed coffee spoon that will stir your espresso keeping the crema beautifully intact in its thickness. Its shape has been studied to allow you to lay it directly on the edge of your espresso cup to avoid contact with other surfaces and keep it all highly hygienic. Its compact dimensions, about three times smaller than a traditional coffee spoon, make it a very personal pocket-size object.

Source: Thatsnerdilicious