It’s one thing to have a name that makes you the butt of jokes on the playground, but it’s a whole other thing when your first and last names are the call signs for some of the biggest tech in the world. Well, that’s exactly what has happened to a 21-year-old female from New Jersey. Her name is Alexa Seary (pronounced “siri”), and she is not a happy camper. Unless you have been living in a cave for the last several years, you probably already know her conundrum. Amazon’s Echo answers to the name “Alexa” and Apple’s… everything, answers to “Siri.”

“In the beginning when Siri came out, I got it all the time,” she said. “If I introduced myself with my last name people would always tie it to that.”

When Amazon released the Echo in 2015, things only got worse.
“It started off at work. It would be, ‘Siri, do this, Siri do that,’ and now they do the same thing with Alexa,” she said. Mostly people just say, ‘Haha, I’m telling you what to do,’ and I’m like, ‘OK, haha, that’s a new one.’”

I’ve got a Chrome, and it thinks I’m talking to it half the time when I’m not anyways. I couldn’t imagine it piping up every time someone said my name.

Source: HP