We’ve been posting about the amazing art of Alex Solis for years. He has an innate ability to combine commentary on the world with the pop cultural icons of our lives. For his latest effort, Solis is embracing Steganography, the practice of concealing a file, message, image, or video within another file, message, image, or video. He’s brought the practice of Steganography in his new Kickstarter book and figure campaign. The book features 50+ images in Alex Solis’s classic style, but with hidden pictures within them, that can only be seen with the included decoder lens.

Check out the launch video and announcement below:

My name is Alex Solis – I’m an artist that currently resides in Wisconsin. Art has been a passion of mine all my life to the point where I get to create or work on some type of art every day.

Art has pushed me in a way that has given me the courage to do stuff I’ve never dreamed of doing. I always hope to push the boundaries with projects like this, that would likely never happen in the corporate world.

Kickstarter pushes independent artists like myself to explore and push the boundaries of art and creativity, by bringing together a community to support crazy projects like this one!

I challenged myself to use the practice of steganography to create an interactive and fun experience for people to find these hidden images within my artwork. I wanted to present it in a way for people to, literally, “discover” a good laugh. Art should be fun, enjoyable, and keep people curious. Proceed at your own caution, and keep in mind the following illustrations cannot be unseen! :)

50 Steganography Illustrations
Decoder Included

Along with the book, you can also get a very cheeky (or busty) set of pig figurines that reveal something entirely different from the right angle. Head over to Alex’s Kickstarter right now and show some love!

In the meantime, check out this quick video of Solis showing off some of his hidden images: