Oppo Suits has teamed up with Marvel to create a new line of formal wear that is… unique? While they might not be for everyone, these $119.99 suits will definitely help you stand out in a crowd and let everyone know that you love comic books. It Spider-Man and Captain America aren’t your cup of tea, they also have a suit inspired by Batman baddie, The Joker.

About OppoSuits
OppoSuits started out as an idea while traveling through Southeast Asia. The Dutch company was established in 2012 and has grown into a successful global business. OppoSuits offers unique suits to retailers and consumers worldwide. There are suits available for men, women, boys and teen boys. In just five years, OppoSuits has offered over 100 designs, partnering with brands such as Warner Bros. and Disney. OppoSuits has distribution centers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and The Netherlands. The multinational company now has over 60 employees, working from offices in The Netherlands and New York City.

You can snaage your very own Oppo Suit HERE.