With Mother’s Day just past, family is still strong on everyone’s minds and that makes it a great time to check out French artist, Andry Rajoelina, and his Super Families prints.

The prints, which can now be purchased at French Paper,give us a look at what family means for everyone from Darth Vader and Batman to Pac Man and Walter White.

Check them all out below and then give the artist some love by picking up a print.


Prints included: Skywalker Family, Alliance Family, Droid Family, Bat Family, Wonder Family, Super Family, Family Assemble, Ninja Family, Busters Family, Never say Die Family, Bandycoot Family, Mario Family, Chemists Family, Amazing Family, Hyrule Family, Fighters Family, Flash Family, Future Family Jones Family, Jurassic Family, Kong Family, Luigi Family, Mega Family, Pac Family, and Uncanny Family.

Source: Geek-art