I’ve got nothing against tattoos. My fiance has 4 or 5. However, they are what we call work safe tattoos. That means they aren’t anywhere on her body that can’t easily be covered up by business attire. There’s a lot of people now, who are getting tattoos, gauged piercings, or other body mods when they are in their late teens or early 20’s, without any consideration for the fact that: 1. it could make it harder to be taken seriously in some jobs, and 2. that they might not love their huge chest piece tattoo like they do now in a year.

Thankfully, there’s now a new type of body art you can get called “Ephemeral Tattoos.” This new tattoo method uses a special ink that will last for about a year on your body before fading. If you come to your senses before then, you can even speed up the process with a quick and painless procedure.

The process is still testing, but it looks like you’ll be able to get a one year tattoo by the end of next summer.

This is actually a great idea for a bunch of reasons. Along with the people who might not want a tattoo for their whole life, it gives you a great chance to take one out for an extended spin. If you do like it, just have your artist go back and give you the real thing.

Source: Fashionablygeek