I remember the first time I went to a burial. Aside from all the sadness and family drama, I just remember looking around and marveling at what a colossal waste of land cemeteries are. They are pretty much just golf courses with better fertilizer and more obstacles. Now, a company is offering a whole new solution that not only looks cooler, but it actually does more than just eat up land and water resources to make sure your body wastes away in a little box.

The company is called Capsula Mundi and they are working on a specially designed burial egg that serves to fertilize your very own memorial tree. Instead of the wasted space of cemeteries that often have the word forest in their name, this would create actual memorial forests filled with trees grown from your loved ones.

So, instead of being buried in some obnoxiously ornate box (usually covered in varnish that is toxic to the environment), you’d be placed in an egg-shaped burial pod made from biodegradable starch plastic as the coffin, in which the body is placed in a fetal position and buried under the ground. A tree (or tree seed) is then planted over the top of the pod, which will use the nutrients from the decomposing body as fertilizer for its growth.

“Capsula Mundi saves the life of a tree and proposes to plant one more. By planting different kinds of trees next to each other it creates a forest. A place where children will be able to learn all about trees. It’s also a place for a beautiful walk and a reminder of our loved ones.” – Capsula Mundi

Source: Treehugger