Warner Bros looking for a win. Not only did Batman v Superman tank from a critical standpoint, it has been passed in box office earnings by Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War in just a couple of weeks at theaters. So, while they furiously work on Affleck’s Batman movie, work to get Wonder Woman ready for fans, and keep their fingers crossed that Zack Snyder doesn’t suck all the fun out of the Justice League, they’ve decided to try and squeeze what they can out of the characters introduced in the upcoming Suicide Squad. Namely, Harley Quinn.

The Studio has now announced that they’ll be making a film based around the Margot Robbie character. This makes a lot of sense. The character is the clear favorite, even before people see the film. Also, a Harley Quinn story means easy access to Batman and possibly the Joker. It feels very much like WB is quietly building themselves a new cinematic Batverse, just in case The Justice League doesn’t work out.

Source: THR