This movie isn’t new, but it has taken six years to clear the censor boards in Japan and secure a release there. That is saying something when you consider that Japan is the birthplace of tentacle porn!

The film took 8 years to make in South Korea and cost $3.5 million. Amazingly, it has won a ton of international awards. All I know is that I had to watch the trailer twice before I realized just how messed up it really was. Do yourself a favor and read the synopsis before you watch the trailer. It will make a little more sense that way.

Official Synopsis:
“An animated film from director Joe Bum-jin about a futuristic world powered entirely by human feces. With the government anxious to control this sole, important source of energy, they install special sensors on its citizens’ anuses to monitor production, while controlling the populace by distributing addictive popsicles.”

Source: Rocketnews