This is the kind of crazy trade that not even Mike Rowe could have conceived of. Tony Greenhand started down the path to his career by growing marijuana Oregon. After a while, he realized that his joint rolling technique went way beyond practical into the realm of the artistic. Before long, he found himself to be one of the leading members of an online community that creates artistic blunts and then lets their Instagram followers vote on the best ones. Now, Greehnhand is an internationally respected creator of Smokable art that can catch upwards of $7,000 per joint.

Greenhand prides himself on his creativity as much as he does his life-long ambition to smoke his weight in weed. As of last year, he estimated that he’d already smoked 4.2 lbs of the stuff. Say what you will about the stereotypes persisting about stoners, it definitely hasn’t stifled his ability to create some awesome and highly detailed pieces of art that pay tribute to everything from Futurama and Pokemon, to The Kraken and Tommy Chong.

Source: Greenhand