I’m a dog person, but the internet loves kitties, so who am I to argue. Besides, if cats looked more like they did in Chet’s new Lights! Camera! Kitties! prints then I might be open to changing my mind. The artist has just released his latest set of prints on Etsy as a set of postcards, (or you can look through his store and buy larger prints individually). They 8 piece set takes iconic film characters and gives them a feline makeover.

Lights! Camera! Kitties! is a collection of 8 5″ x 7″ postcards showcasing cats in classic films and TV series. Each postcard is printed on sturdy 14 point linen cover stock and the reverse side includes a blurb for each. Set comes with one each of:

-A Clockwork Orange Tabby
-Arya and the Hound (Game of Thrones)
-Apocatlypse Now
-Grumpy The Hutt
-The Trouble With Kittehs
-The Wagging Dead

8 postcards packaged in cello bag, presenting in stylish paper band packaging. Great for collecting, framing or mailing to your kitteh-loving friends. (Stamps not included.) Shipped in a bubble wrapped envelope via USPS First Class mail.