Sony’s Spider-Man franchise is in crisis right now and the only thing keeping it afloat is that the wallcrawler will now be part of the official Marvel film universe, complete with a role in Captain America: Civil War. However, that doesn’t fix the problems on the Sony end of the line. Problems so bad, that they were actually considering an origin film about Aunt May… Aunt Freaking May!?!?

Now, Sony has announced that Drew Goddard has been tasked with setting the ship right and writing and directing the next Spider-Man film. His film, Cabin in the Woods was pretty fun, and we’ll see how he did on the first couple episodes of DareDevil when they air in May. The concern here is that he is the guy Sony already had in place for the Sinister Six film; a movie that sounds like it is set up to be just as big a disaster as their previous Spider-man films. The good news is that now, Marvel’s Kevin Feige will be part of the creative process, so hopefully he’ll be able to prevent too much damage.