One of my biggest dreams is to visit Japan and Studio Ghilbli. Now, I know that the studio is shutting down, but at least the museum remains. If it was up to Japanese artist Takumi, there wouldn’t just be a museum, there’d be a whole theme park. In fact, the longtime Ghibli fan has gone as far as to design the entire park, attractions and all. He released the images online 2 days ago with a message that he’s done with the park and now he’s moving on to design the food menus and merchandise.

Some of the highlights of Tokyo Ghibli Land include a Laputa roller coaster, a Sea of Decay log flume, and a monorail shaped like the Cat Bus.

Check out these drawings and a complete list of the attractions conceived by Takumi:

Hotel Adriano (Porco Rosso); Automobile Mountain (with a gun-toting Dora from Castle in the Sky); Laputa Labyrinth; Hatter hat shop (Howl’s Moving Castle); Uncle Pom’s Planetarium, Flying Flaptters and Tiger Moth Adventure 3D (Castle in the Sky); Therru’s Dragon (Tales from Earthsea).

Shishigami’s Animal Forest (Princess Mononoke); Zeniba’s Cake Factory, Aburaya Bathhouse, and Eat-Like-A-Pig Food Court (Spirited Away); Mei’s Acorn Hunt (My Neighbour Totoro); Jiro’s Bird-Plane (The Wind Rises); Atelier Antique Shop (Whisper of the Heart); Yakul Carousel (Princess Mononoke); Calcifer Talk (Howl’s Moving Castle). Centre: Irontown (Princess Mononoke).

Sea of Decay Cruise (Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind); Koriko town and Gutiokipanja (Kiki’s Delivery Service); Cat Monorail; Aviation Museum.

Arrietty’s dollhouse; the Marsh House (When Marnie Was There); Sousuke’s Pop Pop Shop (Ponyo); Susuwatari Mansion (i.e. Mei and Satsuki’s house); Safflower Picking (Only Yesterday); Princess Kaguya’s Bamboo Grove; Fujimoto’s Twenty Thousand Leagues and the Devonian Period Aquarium (Ponyo); The Cat’s Office (The Cat Returns); Manpuku-ji Temple (Pom Poko).

Source: Rocketnews