The main thing I’ll always remember about Waffle House was the first time I ever saw one. I had just moved to Florida and there was one a mile from my college. The sign had gotten messed up and W, U, and S weren’t lit up. I will always remember the “Affle Hoe.” However, it turns out that they are more than just a funny sign and a 24/7 waffle joint. Not only does FEMA use Waffle Houses as a way to figure out how devastated an area is from a storm, but the restaurant has their own record label and music video production department. What is all the music about? Waffle House, of course! Check out videos for their songs like: Summertime & Lemonade, This is The Night, Color Me Gone, Rock The House, and Southern Classic below.

Summertime & Lemonade from Waffle House on Vimeo.

This Is the Night from Waffle House on Vimeo.

Color Me Gone from Waffle House on Vimeo.

Rock the House from Waffle House on Vimeo.

Southern Classic from Waffle House on Vimeo.