FOX’s Batman prequel, Gotham has never caught on in the way that the CW DC offerings have, but the network wants to give the show at least one more season before pulling the plug. It will be interesting to see if the Court of Owls story that they are working on now carries over into next season or if they draw it out into the next one. Overall, it hasn’t been a bad show, but there’s been some bad casting and some stories that have dragged or felt disjointed. Add to that the fact that Bruce has currently been replaced by a clone and it really does start to cross the line into being weird for the sake of being weird. Given that they were on the bubble for renewal again, you have to wonder if they are planning some sort of course correction. At this rate, it doesn’t look like the show is ever going to make it to the planned donning of Batman’s cape and cowl as initially planned.

The other “On the bubble” show to get another season is Will Forte’s “Last Man On Earth.” This is another show that we’ve watched since the beginning and it has been pretty solid. Yes, there are times when Will Forte’s “Tandy” is so awful that it is hard to root for him, but in its own way, “Last Man” has provided us with a pretty unique, and darkly funny, take on the end of the world. Add that to the fact that it looks like we’ll have Kristen Wiig on board for at least part of next season and it seems logical for FOX to give the show at least one more shot.