The SyFy has been through several rebrands in recent years, the most recent of which angered many people when they changed the name to SyFy (presumably because you can’t trademark “scifi”). At the upfronts for NBC Universal today, President of the company, Chris McCumber, made it known that the network would be changing its focus and leaning harder on fandoms.

If you’re part of a fandom or have a passion about anything, you “belong” at Syfy. There’s a new focus on inclusion, but at the same time, the channel is leaning into its niche and genre programming. The focus will now be in four areas: science fiction (like The Expanse), fantasy (The Magicians), supernatural/paranormal (Channel Zero), and superheroes/comics (new series Krypton).”

Within the announcement were several confirmations of new series and events that would be coming to the network. Along with confirmation that the Superman prequel, Krypton, would be going to series, he also confirmed that the comic adaptation of “Happy!”, starring Christopher Meloni has found a home on SyFy. Meanwhile, The Purge will get its own series, and George R.R. Martin fans can look forward to a series based on his novella, “Nightflyers.” Other literary works we can expect to see adapted to the network include: Brave New World, Hyperion, and Stranger in a Strange Land.

To help bolster their coverage into the market, they’ll be pushing a news-focused website called “SyFy Wire.” The new site will absorb larger sites like Fangirls and have a more focused presence at conventions.

To supplement their original content, the network is working on getting airing rights to large geek franchises. It has already acquired the rights to air the Harry Potter franchise and Fantastic Beasts as well as Marvel’s recent movies.

As a result of the new additions, it looks like some existing shows will get the axe. It looks like the first round of cuts may go to the network’s unscripted shows, but we are really hoping that they don’t cancel ‘Killjoys.’ The Aaron Ashmore space western about bounty hunters is one of the most fun series that the network has aired in years.

Source: Collider