If there’s one word that you could best use to describe the art of Netherlands-based artist, Stephan Brusche (@isteef), it would have to be: BANANAS! We aren’t just saying that because he is literally creating works of art from bananas, but because this dude is crazy talented and he’s doing things with fruit that most people couldn’t hope to do on canvas.

He’s gotten so good at it that banana art is actually his full-time gig. Who exactly is buying it? no one really knows. Perhaps he’s just got a grant from the people at Chiquita, because he’s doing more to keep bananas in the forefront of pop culture than Donkey Kong and Carmen Miranda combined.

Check out below as he not only recreates classic art works, but pays tribute to everyone from The Beatles and The Walking Dead to Freddie Mercury and The Simpsons!

You can check out more of his work on his Instagram.