Artists Aleia Murawski and Sam Copeland have come together to collaborate on one of the weirder projects that we’ve ever seen. They’ve built a miniature version of an American Suburb and then populated it with snails. They’ve then taken a series of tasteful photos of the snails enjoying various aspects of daily life from having a cup of tea with a friend to riding a skateboard, to molesting a lawn ornament. We all do that last one, right? Then, because it’s not enough to have photos of snails, they turned their slimy city into a music video with the band, Bull.

As she explained on her Instagram account, Murawski’s favorite part of shooting with snails is seeing how they interact with their sets, while also learning how to specifically direct the slow-moving creatures. If you were wondering how they got the little creatures to do as they told, it was by strategically planting cucumbers and other vegetables off-camera to tempt the snails to go in different directions.

If you dig these crazy snail photos, you can buy some of them HERE.

Source: Colossal