Whether you are a student or a grown up who knows the value of packing in a lunch instead of wasting money on Chipotle every afternoon (Let’s face it, you don’t really buy Chipotle, you just rent it for a couple of hours while it eats away at your stomach lining and your soul…), having a great lunch box is an important part of the image you project. You can’t get by with just a plain old metal pail any more, I mean… unless you are a hipster and spent $300 for it on Urban Outfitters or something like that. No, you need something cool that will make you stand out from the crowd. You know, like the head of a T-Rex!

The Dino Case Lunchbox is designed and sold by SUCK UK and be bought online for just $35. If it has any downside, it’s that the thing doesn’t close on its own. You’ve got to use the carry strap as a muzzle on its mouth. I can’t imagine any lunch box cooler than this one. OK, maybe the classic metal Muppet Show one that I had as a kid, but most of the ones on eBay are so rusted that I’d be afraid of getting tetanus.

Source: Geekologie