One of our first friends here at was none other than the incomparable Steve Wozniak. He was our first major interview and he’s a hell of a guy.
Part one
Part two

As many of you know, Steve is now a contestant on the wildly popular “Dancing With The Stars.” We wish him the best of luck and we’ll be updating you on his progress as the show moves forward. The Premier is on March, 9th.

On his journey to becoming the champion of season 8’s competition, Woz will have to battle Jewel, her Husband Ty Murray, David Allen Grier, Lil’ Kim, Steve-O, Nancy O’Dell, Lawrence Taylor, Shawn Johnson, Chuck Wicks, Giles Marini, Belinda Carlisle and Denise “: It’s Complicated” Richards.

Special Thanks To Wookiemom for giving us the head’s up on the pics.