Have you ever wanted Oreos, but were so lazy that you thought it would be better to pay for them to be delivered monthly instead of dragging your ass down to Target? Have we got something for you!

It’s called the Oreo Cookie Club, and the new service promises subscribers a monthly loot box filled with two new flavors of Oreo Cookies as well as a special Oreo-Branded gift.

How much will these cookies and tchockes set you back? The three month plan is a paltry $59.97, while the six month plan will start eating into your weed money at $119.94, and the one year plan will set you back $239.88, that’s almost as much as you’ll need to get your bloodwork done when your doctor notices your A1C is through the roof.

Here’s a video of a random chucklehead feigning interest over the first box, which includes: Oreo’s socks, Oreo’s hot chocolate mix, spicy cinnamon Oreos, and knock off Nutella Oreos.