We all know that this is going to be a challenging holiday season. In just a few days, we’ve got family get togethers with relatives that are going to believe different things than us. We might think they are racist, or stupid hippies. We might want to throw a handful of mashed potatoes in their faces instead of just passing the bowl, but take heart. There are things that all of us can be universally thankful for. Today is the first part of our week long series that will hopefully put a smile on your face, and make you forget the familial minefield you are about to enter.

Day 1: A Belly Dancing Wookiee.

Given our name, it only makes sens that we start out with this one. This particular Wookiee is part of a Chicago based bellydance, flow arts, and fire company named Raks Geek. They take the idea of geeky performance art to a new level by incorporating a tremendously high level of skill with things all geeks love, like science fiction, video games, technology, research science, and comics. The videos we’ve picked out for you include a Silent Hill Belly Dance, The Force Awakens’ Rey dancing with fire, and a wookiee, in Tardis cosplay, doing a belly dance. You are welcome.

For more information on Raks Geek, click HERE.