There are few pieces of sci fi literature as highly regarded as Frank S. Herbert’s Dune. The story has been adapted to live action on multiple occasions, each with it’s own detractors and supporters, but now its looking like we might be seeing it on the screen again.

Through a press release, earlier today, Legendary has announced that they have obtained the TV and film rights to Dune. There is no specific announcement of a project as of yet, but I’m sure that we’ll be hearing something soon, if not by San Diego Comic Con at the latest.

Synopsis of Dune:
Set in the distant future, Dune tells the story of Paul Atreides whose family accepts control of the desert planet Arrakis. As the only producer of a highly valuable resource, control of Arrakis is highly contested among the noble families. After Paul and his family are betrayed, the story explores themes of politics, religion, and man’s relationship to nature as Paul leads a rebellion to restore his family’s control of Arrakis.