Yeah, you say you love Pokemon, but do you love it enough to spend a quarter million dollars on a watch? If the answer to that is no than you might not be the right customer for this piece of bling. The watch, which is created by Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome could possibly be the most expensive piece of pokememorabilia ever created.

With Pikachu on the front and back, the colorful 48-millimeter (1.9-inch) watch featured a total of 17 different Pokemon, the one of a kind watch comes in at just around £200,000 (US$259,511).

It is called the Tourbillon Pokémon, and is described as: “The perfect alchemy between a prestigious horological complication and the emblem of the millennials.”

If you are thinking that the price might be too steep, rest assured that there are all kinds of perks to this watch. For instance, the watch has been completely hand-crafted and runs off a 60 hour power supply. The strap is made from alligator hide and the oscillating weight in the clockworks is shaped like Pikachu. Finally, the watch is water resistant up to 50 meters deep. This will be really handy when you lose your home and find yourself preparing to jump off a bridge to get away from the debt collectors.

Source: Rocketnews