After each of the Presidential debates, Topps cards has been releasing a special, limited edition series of Garbage Pail Kids, based on the events of the previous night. You can see the cards from the first debate HERE. It features cards like Drippy Donald, Chuckling Clinton, and my favorite, 400 lb hack, Earl.

If you watched last night’s dumpster fire, you know that there was plenty of material from them to choose from. The newest cards in the Dis-grace to the White House card series are: Dirty Donald, Rushmore of Dictators, Tissue Trump, Human Fly Hillary, Locker Room Talk Trump, and Undead Donald. Personally, I’m surprised there wasn’t some sort of Lincoln related Clinton card.

Check them out below and grab them now if you want them. The cards are highly limited and will only be available for order for the next 23 hours. After that, they’ll be gone forever. Sadly, the candidates will still be here.

You can order the cards HERE, but only for the next 24 hours.