Internetters continue to sift through the latest batch of Wikileaks emails, looking for insight into Hillary Clinton. We aren’t here to talk about that. We aren’t even here to talk about John Podesta’s tips for a perfect risotto. We are here to talk about Blink 182.

Yes, Blink 182, the band that people liked for way too long is in these emails. It turns out that lead singer, Tom DeLonge, had traded several emails with John Podesta about theories involving UFOs. In his last set of missives, DeLonge wrote about having information on what he would repeatedly refer to as “our sensitive topic.” He was hoping to meet with Podesta and introduce him to several government and former DoD advisors he knew, and who he claimed had information about alien life. This was all in part, to prepare for a documentary he was producing on the subject.

It turns out that he was so obsessed with the topic that it was taking valuable time away from the band, who was due back in the studio to release a new album. WHen faced with an ultimatum by the rest of the band between his UFO interest and Blink 182, he did not blink. He 86’d himself from the band.

His documentary is set to come out some time next year.

Source: Heatst