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Today’s (11/18/11) Featured Giveaway!
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Today’s Question: Who is your favorite movie fairy, sprite or pixie?

  • Publisher: Wowwee
  • MSRP: $24.99
  • Age: 3+

Wowee Lite Sprite Wand With Prisma Sprite

Wowwee, the company behind tons of great electronic toys (Most Recently Paper Jamz) has put out one of the most surprisingly cool toys for little girls this year. At First glance, the Lite Sprite Wand seems like just another make believe toy with a little figure, but it was so much more than that. The electronic wand has a light on top and a sensor in its base. When you put the sensor on pretty much any colored surface around the home, it reads it and lights up the tip of the want in that color! Then it gets even cooler because you can point the wand at the Sprite figure that comes with it (from up to around 10 feet away) and it will light up in the same color as the wand. It was super cool. You can also buy more sprites and some great playsets to go along with it and they all have the wand controlled light up feature as well.

The wand can hold a bunch of different saved colors in it and it also has other games to extend playability. The best learning type game we found on it lights up the wand a color and then you have to find something in your house to match it. We loved that this took the toy from being something that you sit on the ground and play with to being an active toy that gets kids moving.

Get yours today at: Wowwee